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Stop The Climate Crisis

Tracking Climate Change Projects

What do we need to fight climate change? We need to know what is being done. This website is focussed on tracking all the major projects on the planet. Along with other pertinent information. Everyone needs to know about this not for profit website for it to be effective.

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    The Stage We Are In

    At this moment we are in the process of creating a state of the art method to arrange the categories for the projects. This is taking some time and anyone who wishes to help can contact us here at Projects To Stop Climate Change. Hopefully it will be 3 dimensional, stereoscopic wherein one can click and for example see all the projects involved in cleaning the ocean, or click another and see all the projects that deal with food and agriculture. Once we have implemented this, we will solicit some major projects and after we have a good amount we will put this website out there for other projects to contact us and put themselves on the website and for everyone to know what is happening in the whole world to fight climate change and restore the planet.

    Projects To Stop Climate Change

New Projects To Stop Climate Change Wiki

Media Wiki

We are finally ready to start soliciting projects. We need volunteers to help us reach a few hundred projects and then we will do everything possible to make sure everyone knows about this website. If you would like to give some of your time to this, of course its up to you how much.Please contact me Tom aka Mofwoofoo
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