Tracking Climate Change Projects

Now we are at the stage to solicit a few hundred major projects and then we will do everything possible to make the website known throughout the internet for other projects to contact us and put themselves on the website and for everyone to know what is happening in the whole world to fight climate change and restore the planet.

Our Objectives

Our Objective is to Track almost all of the major  climate projects on the planet and to make this website known throughout the internet, to make it possible for humanity to see what exactly is being done on the planet to stop the possibility of catastrophic, irreversible, systemic collapses.

Our Team at the moment is:

Tom (Mofwoofoo) Osher, producer, visionary, activist, writer, founder of eco-community Chambalabamba ( in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. 

Yurshell Rodriguez Hooker: is an environmental engineer and activist from Colombia.

George Dakdar:



Our Approach

We are committed to delivering high quality results, and working with a team of volunteers throughout the internet.



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