Hi! You consider joining us to help to stop climate change?
Here is a great opportunity to learn and share missions with a international team. Many different skills are needed to carry out this big project, your help is more than welcome!
Please feel free to ask us more information at any time, we’ll be glad to be in touch with you:

Ongoing Missions to join

Investigation Team
– Track projects everywhere so that the Communication Team will be able to feature here all the existing alternative solutions facing the climate change, and spread out the word. This mission is essential share widely the current needs of these projects, so that their teams may get more help and thrive.

Communication Team
– Write and publish news about Climate change, projects, … for the website and the newsletter. The Webmastering team is here to help you!
– Advertising and Communication partnerships: : spread the word about this big project to make it known in every country!

Webmastering Team
This website needs your talent! To help and train the Communication Team when it comes to publish online, to develop new functions and make it more and more user-friendly!

Coordination Team
– Integrate new volunteers and organize the work to achieve the goals of ongoing projects. Discover the skills of the volunteers and what they are keen to learn.
– Help the founders of the platform to answer the questions received by email.

Partnership Team
Search Partners and maintain the relationship on a long-term perspective: with other climate – related networks to share knowledge about projects, with experts to develop our Scientific Committee, .

Translation Team
– Translate descriptions of the projects received on the website: according to your favorite langage, you can help us in Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese or Arabic. So that nearly everybody in the world can discover these projects and may take part!
– Translate news for the website and the newsletter

Finance Team
To help funding the projects which need a support to stop climate change, you may help with:
– Designing and run crowdfunding campaign
– Design a Donation page for the website, with the Webmaster Team
– Find sponsors and financial partners

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